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High-Performance Father Has:



Helped over 6,387 fathers find a balance between business family and life.



Saved over 1283 marriages from divorce



over 300k Dadventures created with fathers & their kids



Help fathers get over 1,000 hours a year back on average

Helped over 7,239 fathers find a balance between business family and life.

Saved over 623 marriages from divorce

United over 1,647 fathers with their children.

Helped fathers get over 1,000 hours a year back.

From The Desk Of Alex Ranieri

Sydney Australia

If you are a father feeling your marriage is falling apart… 

Maybe you have lost the connection with your wife. 

Maybe there’s no more love and intimacy in your marriage anymore.

Or maybe you are already separated. 

Sleeping in separate beds or even living under separate roofs. 

At the same time…

You no longer feel connected to your kids. 

They don’t know who their dad is. 

And they don’t see you as their hero anymore.

On top of all of this… 

Every day you’re stressed, overwhelmed and burnt the fuck out trying to juggle a billion things a once. 






And no matter how hard you work… 10, 12, or 14-hour days… 

Or how much you provide… 

You come home only to feel unappreciated, disrespected and unloved. 

As a result of this, you start to get angry, blow up on your family and become a “Grumpy Dad”. 

Your family start to walk on eggshells around you. 

Which drives them further and further away from you. 

Which then makes you wonder if you’re really the man, father, and husband your family need. 

If you can relate to any of what I’ve just said… 

It’s not your fault. 

No one has ever shown you how to be a great father husband and produce & hunt without sacrificing your family. 

In Fact, This Is The MAIN Reason Why 55% Of Married Men End Up Divorced And Alone 5 Years After Marriage

You see, most men end up divorced because of this one word…


They don’t know how to balance work, marriage, and life all at once. 

Most men focus all their time and energy at work.

They become rich but have broken families (just look at all the divorced billionaires)

Other men have a great relationship with their family. They are good fathers and husbands but they are broke.

Few men focus on themselves. They have a good body but they are horrible fathers and husbands. 

But rarely if ever do you see a man who is:

A great father to his kids…

A great husband for his wife… 

Has an amazing body… 

A happy life…

And a successful business or career to provide for this family…

ALL at once!

This is where a High-Performance Father comes in.

Over the past 7 years, we have helped over 6,400 fathers find a balance between business family and life.

So if you want a gameplan on…

  • How to reconnect with your wife and restore the love, connection and intimacy in your marriage again…

  • How to restore the connection with your kids and get them to see you as their hero again…

  • How to balance business, marriage and life so you can still produce without sacrificing your family… 

Then hit the button below and book your balanced life gameplan session now.

In Fact, This Gameplan Is Responsible For Helping 6,400 Fathers Find Balance Between Business Family And Life Here’s What Some Of Them Had To Say

See How Chris Went From Breaking Up With His Wife To Falling In Love Again Using What We Showed Him

See How Cameron Overcame The Constant Stress And Pressure And Fixed His Marriage

See How Oliver Became A Balanced Husband With A Happy Wife

How Naz Saved His Marriage From Divorce And Now He’s Enjoying The Best Family Memories

See How HPF Saved Paul’s Marriage

See Why Mike Is Feeling The Closest He’s Ever Been To His Wife

See How Tom Repaired His Marriage After Almost Losing Everything

I know after reading these success stories you are probably wondering… 

How The Heck Are These Fathers Winning Their Kids Over And Getting  Back With Their Wives Even After Breaking Up?

Here’s the exact process we use to create such a transformation. 


We help you get 1,000 hours a year back so you can have quality time for yourself, your wife and your kids. 


You’ll learn the right communication skills you need to get your wife to desire you and respect you again even if she has already moved out.


You’ll learn how to get your kids to look up to you and connect with them no matter what their age. 


We’ll show you how to install the right habits into your life so you are full of energy all day every day no matter how hard you work. 


We’ll also show you how to manage and structure your day from start to finish so you can finally have a work-life balance.

Once we apply this process…

You’ll finally have control of your life again, with time and energy in a more balanced life to focus on what matters most.

You’ll finally be able to stay present with your kids without having a million things running in your head all at once. 

You will restore the love connection and intimacy in your your marriage and feel the closest you’ve ever been to your wife.

And you’ll finally have space and time for yourself to train, fish, lay at the beach or do whatever you are into.

To start seeing this type of results… 

Hit the button below and book a game plan session now. 

Here’s Exactly How Your Gameplan Session Is Going To Go

  • Step#1: You’ll speak to a certified HPF coach about exactly what you’re currently struggling with and what you need help with right now.

  • Step#2: We’ll look at the root cause of all the issues you’re facing and look at what you want your life to look like in 6 months from now.

  • Step#3: We’ll create your game plan on exactly what you need to fix those root causes for you to have the life, the marriage, or the relationships you want in the next 6 months.

As you can see after this call you will walk away with a plan to fix whatever you are struggling with right now. 

After that, you can choose.

If you want to implement the game plan by yourself. 

Or if you want to get your own coaching team to help coach you through it. 

And if we agree that this is going to be a great way for you to level up and win as a man, father and husband. 

Then we’ll invite you to join and give you the most ridiculous offer you’ve ever seen. 

But for now. 

Hit the link below and book your gameplan session now. 

I also want to make sure that on this call you wake away with not just a game plan…

But you will also get the tools to implement and apply your game plan to find balance in your life. 

That’s why…

You Will Also Get The High-Performance Father Protocol (Worth $499) For FREE Just For Showing Up


“How To Master Work-Life Balance So That You Can Be The Man, The Father, And The Husband Your Family Needs Without Sacrificing Your Success”

Total Value: $499

Look, by now you already know the biggest reason why most fathers struggle to keep their marriage together…

To connect with their kids…

And why they are constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out…

Is because they don’t have a balance between work, family and life. 

I had struggled with this for YEARS before I created a high-performance father. 

Until I discovered what I call the “Get Shit Done” Protocol. 

  • It allowed me to literally turn 5 working days into 15 without grinding. 

  • It allowed me to be fully present 4 hours a day with my kids while running TWO 7 figure businesses. 

  • It allowed me to go on date nights with my wife and have our “Honey And Handsome” time without sacrificing my success. 

And I want you to have it for free when you show up for your call. 

That way you don’t just walk away with a gameplan… You get the blueprint to execute and get shit done. 

And finally have the balance you need in your life. 

So you can spend quality time with your wife and kids and have even more time for yourself to train, fish, go to the beach or do whatever you are into.

And all you have to do to get access to the Get Shit Done Protocol is to book your Gameplan call and show up for it. 

Get This For FREE When You Show Up For Your Gameplan Call

Now You Are Probably Thinking…

If This Is So Good Why Are You Giving Over $1000 Of Value For Free?


I know you are probably sceptical. (And you should be)

You were minding your own business watching reels on Facebook or Instagram. 

And then a handsome, tall, white, Italian man showed up on your screen promising to “fix your marriage”

It’s crazy, I know.

But I’m doing this for two reasons. 

First: because I’m sick and tired of seeing fathers getting ripped apart because they didn’t have the right role model to show them how to actually be great fathers and husbands. 

It’s the main reason why I have a podcast with over 284 episodes just on helping fathers win in business marriage and life.

Second: because this is how we grow our business. 

I know that a small percentage of the fathers who are going to get this gameplan…

Will raise their hand for us to coach them through their gameplan. 

And if you become one of them…


You will have a guaranteed way to win in business life and marriage in just a few months. 

If not that is fine too. You will have a gameplan and tools to put your gameplan to use and be the man, father and husband you need to be for your family. 

You win both ways. 

So you really have nothing to lose.

And if you want to look at more proof that this actually works.

Here Are Even More Success Stories From Our High-Performance Fathers

“ Since I joined I’ve cut all the bad habits and connected with my wife… the kids don’t call me cranky dad any more and I turned my business around."

Michael Sherwell

Business Owner and Race Car Driver

" It helps you focus, it helps you realise where you’re going and it gives you direction… for me without direction it’s near impossible to move forward. "

Nathan Hitchcock

"These guys know exactly what you're going through because they've been through it. It's a community for blokes, has not been around that i have not experienced in my lifetime."

michael mellor

"Now I don’t drink anymore and my kids, my friends, and my employees are seeing a massive difference in me... Because my new habits and behaviours are transforming who I am”.

Jason Fisher

Business Owner

Since joining I now realise what my family needs is me as a person, me as a dad, me as a leader… I’ve regained the connection with my wife and kids

Adam Bowditch

Online Business Owner

I Get It… Figuring Out Who To Trust Can Be So Confusing Online. So Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Alex Ranieri,

I’m the founder of HPF and to date, I’ve helped over 7,000 fathers around the country save their marriage.

Before I discovered the protocol I was a business owner with one child barely making it by.

My life was in ruins.

It wasn’t until I needed to get my shit together otherwise I'd go bankrupt that this protocol was brought to life.

I remember it vividly, running gyms at the time.

Another long day had passed, feeling like I made no traction again, just treading water.

I laid down on my blow-up mattress in the spare room at the gym where I was living.

My wife and I were getting a divorce and I was stretched across all areas.

My business was suffering.

Marriage, obviously suffering.

My relationship with my daughter was suffering

My body was suffering.

My mind was suffering.

But I was so busy, doing so much, with little to no result.

Fighting to save my marriage, my business which was heavily in debt, my relationship with my daughter and my own sanity…

So, I did an audit.

I audited my life.

Stripped everything back.

And began to rebuild at a speed like you wouldn’t believe

Otherwise, I really was going to lose everything

And yes, there is a happy ending, you’re seeing it here today

I’ve now taught this to well over 6,400 men

Who’s had similar success.

Men like...

Nathan, Who Used This Gameplan A Few Months Ago And Besides Having Dozens Of Hours A Week Back, Has Generated 500k Extra In His Business & 200 Pullups

Nathan went from a burnt-out builder who was away from home all the time, out of shape and bleeding money to generating an additional 500k Revenue in his business with increased profits

All of this WHILE spending more time with his family and his marriage back on track

PLUS, this guy went from not being able to do a single pull-up to now 200+ in a single workout

That's right, Half a million extra in revenue,

in phenomenal shape, reignited his love life again with Megan and a true leader to his children watching on as he shows by example.

And Nathan isn’t the only one either…

This Is Stuart, Another High-Performance Father Who Fixed her marriage After Applying Our Process

Meet Damian Who Got Control Of His Business & Reconnected In Life Again

..Paving the way to connecting with his family and his wife even saying HPF should be mandatory for all Fathers!...

“I have a way and a plan around ensuring that my gas tank is full, my energy is there  and approaching it in a way that ensures I do have the energy on a Thursday or Friday every week and I won’t get to November December and be a complete ​​wreck in terms of energy.”

Damian, Nathan and Stuart Are A Group Of Over 7,329 High Performance Protocol Owners Who Are Doing Things Differently…

Now, if you want to get your control back… 

If you want to get back your time and energy… 

If you want to free your mind from the chaos of life so you can stay present with your kids. 

If you want to restore the respect, love and connection in your marriage. 

And most importantly, if you want to finally master work-life balance to become the man, father and husband your family needs you to be…

Just life how Damian, Nathan, Stuart, and over 6,400 fathers have done. 

Then hit the button below and book your Gameplan session now. 

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